An(ne)t(te')s in her Pants

(CW1221)  (26 JUN '12)

Dance 1 in "Simonet's Suite"*.    4-Couple Longways.    Second and fourth couples improper (i.e. 1, -2, 3, -4).    Change-partner (after 1 round men are home, ladies are inverted).    After 2 rounds all are home, but then dance another A1 phrase to convert the longways into a 4-couple Becket set, ready for "Summer Storms" (the second dance in this suite of five).


Partners lead away from the "equator" (i.e. upper two couples up, lower two couples down)(4) and fall back and apart to starting places, facing partner (4), then, in fours, Ladies' Chain (across, not back), partners left-hand turning out of the chain to face one another in Becket formation, proper (8).


Partners back-to-back, left shoulders, along (8), then opposites back-to-back, right shoulders, across (8).


All, with new (longways) partner, lead away from the "equator" (4) and fall back and apart to face across (4), then, in fours, Ladies' Chain (across, not back, so all are home), men left-hand turning this lady (original neighbour) out (8) and sending her into…


All-four Ladies' Chain (there, not back) with a left-hand turnout, so that the men are facing in and the ladies out in the longway lines and all are improper in Becket formation, ladies with their opposite men behind them (8).


In fours, all left-shoulder "chevron-poussette", i.e. ladies move (stride) straight out (2), curve round to their left to take two hands with the man who was behind them (2), the men having passed each other left-shoulders on the left diagonal to change places (4), then men draw this new partner straight back into a longways set, and all face away from the "equator" (4).
Men have done a left-shoulder chevron; ladies have "box-circulated" but gone much further out than usual to use up all eight steps.

Men are home, ladies are inverted.

Repeat all of the above (A1, B, A2, C) once more to get all dancers home, then dance another A1 to form the Becket set (keeping left hands joined with this new partner, ready for "Summer Storms" *).

Music: "Le Pantalon"(ABAC x 2, + A) by Simonet (c.1820), as played by Spare Parts for the first figure, "No.1  L'Annette", of the "Fashionable Parisian Quadrille" suite on their 2007 CD "The Regency Ballroom" (Track 6).

* The non-stop sequence of five inter-connected dances that I've written to fit tracks 6-10 of the above CD (preferably without repetition, hesitation or deviation!) is called "Simonet's Suite" and consists of: "An(ne)t(te')s in her Pants" (4-couple longways), "Summer Storms" (4-couple Becket), "The Queen of Tarts" (4-couple Round), "The Pretty Parisian" (Square) and "The Last Syllable" (4-couple longways again).

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