Tadpole Dancing

(CW790)  (15 JULY '07)

5-Couple (tadpole-shaped) Set: 3 "body couples" in a circle (numbered clockwise, with 3rd couple facing partner across the bottom), plus 2 "tail couples" along centre-line below (4th lady above 4th man above 5th man above 5th lady, partners facing).


Partners taking two hands and men reversing, body couples move two-thirds clockwise round the circle, WHILE tail couples change places (men passing left shoulders) to reform the tail (4), then two-hand turn a quarter (2) and fall back to lines, partners facing (2).


Partners back-to-back right-shoulder, except for original 1st and 5th ladies (now at bottom of body and top of tail) who instead "right and right about" (i.e. fall back not across but down and up respectively) to change places. All face partner and give right hands for…


All Grand Chain round the set, five changes (two steps per change). (Try to maintain the "tadpole" shape of the set whilst doing this.)


All left-hand turn original partner, men putting ladies into…


Ladies' Chains, as follows: in the body (top six in a circle), a three-eyed ladies' chain (i.e. men Insert one lady, Ignore the next, but Intercept the third), and repeat; in the tail (bottom four), across and back.


Original partners back-to-back, left-shoulder.


Partners two-hand turn halfway, and keep hands joined.


Ladies draw partners, as follows: in the body, a third counter-clockwise round the circle; in the bottom four, clockwise a quarter to reform the tail.
[Couples have progressed to the order: 415 (round the body), 32 (along the tail).]

Repeat four more times. Subsequent rounds end in the orders: 342,51;  531,24;  254,13;  123,45.

Music: 5 x 32 bars, e.g. "The Cincinnati Rag" (trad) / "Stone's Rag" (Oscar Stone) as played by George Penk, Clyde Curley and Susan Songer on their CD "A Portland Selection 2", Track 7.

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