The Pleasure-Vest

(CW329)  (30 SEP '94)

Three-couple Longways.    First couple improper (i.e. -1, 2, 3).


Top and bottom couples Ladies'-Chain along the set, there not back (8), then men promenade this lady forward to meet their original partner and fall back (8). Meanwhile, the middles join in with the Ladies'-Chain (i.e., right-hand star halfway with the two end ladies) (4), hold on for a further right-hand turn halfway (4), then each dance clockwise halfway round the outside to finish improper in middle places (8).


All repeat A1:1-8, to original places. End couples keep left hands joined.


Middles each go to the couple on their left for a left-hand star, once round.


Middles, passing their partner right-shoulder, each right-hand star with the other end couple, once round.


All hands-six circle to the left, halfway, into lines. From the top, the order is now: 3s (improper); 2s (improper); 1s (proper).


Middle couple single-cast to the bottom (4) and left-hand turn halfway (4), while the top couple (keeping inside hands joined) courtesy-turn once round, the man reversing (8), while the bottom couple lead up a double (4), then, facing, fall back from each other into middle places (4). From the top, the order is now: 3s (improper); 1s (proper); 2s (proper).

Repeat two more times, to original places.

Music: "The Mumping Maid" (from the Maggot Pie book of piano arrangements). There are several recordings of this.
Title: A pleasure-vest is a man's upper under-garment having no more than four holes: one each for the body, head, left arm, right arm. The inevitable arrival of extra holes demands that it be thrown out or worn only whilst its occupant is working.

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