Colin's Coloops*

(CW1478)  (08 JAN '16)

Three-couple Longways; first couple improper.  Change-partner (Men 231, Ladies 312).


On the right diagonal (those who can) coloop right shoulder once round.   Men's side face up, ladies' side face down.


Top and bottom ladies cast out (left-shoulder) to lead line-inversions PLUS one more place counterclockwise round the set.    Men's side = 3L, 3M, 2M; Ladies' side = 2L, 1M, 1L.


On the left diagonal (those who can) coloop left shoulder once round.   Men's side face down, ladies' side face up.


Original twos (on second long corners) cast out (right-shoulder) to lead line-inversions PLUS one more place clockwise round the set.    Men's side = 3M, 3L, 2L; Ladies' side = 2M, 1L, 1M.


Ones and threes (on right diagonal) half Ladies'-Chain across, with inside-hand turnouts (men reversing with the lady's left hand in their right).


Threes only (on right diagonal) cross right, turn right, while others set.


New partners cross right, turning right into…    All proper, men 231, ladies 312.


Circle-six to the left, once round.


Top couple half coloop left shoulder (lady casting out over her left shoulder), while the others turn single left.    Same order as before, but top couple now improper.

Two more times, to original partners and places.

*    "COLOOPS" (COncentric, COoperative or COmbined LOOPS) is my proposed replacement term for the country dance movement commonly known as a "gypsy", an epithet now regarded as non-PC in some quarters.    The verb would presumably be "coloops" (one dancer) or "coloop" (more than one dancer)?

Music: your choice of 32-bar reel or jig.

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