Genial Gill

(CW763)  (24 DEC '06)

3-Couple Longways.    Second couple improper (i.e. 1, -2, 3).    Change-partner (men 312; ladies 231).    NOTE: FOUR STEPS PER BAR.


Upper two couples two-hand turn partner halfway, finishing close by lowering then releasing hands (4 steps), then fall away from partner to face active neighbour (4).


These neighbours two-hand turn halfway, finishing close as above (4), then fall away from neighbour (4). Lower two couples are facing up.


Lower two couples lead up (men with outer hand across own chest and joined to partner's inner hand), crossing over through the top couple and casting down the other side (12)


All three couples two-hand turn partner halfway (4). [Order now -2, 3, -1.]  Lower two couples keep hands joined.


Lower two couples two-hand turn partner another half as above (4), fall away to face neighbour (4), two-hand turn neighbour halfway (4) and fall away (4). Upper two couples are facing down.


Upper two couples lead down (hands joined as above) crossing through bottom couple to cast up the other side (12), then all two-hand turn partner halfway flowing into… (4). [All home.]


Hands-six to the left, seven* places, into new lines (16).


New (temporary) partners back-to-back, right shoulders (8), then set to each other and turn single right (8) flowing into…


Hands-six to the left, seven places, into new lines (16).


New partners back-to-back, right shoulders (8), then set and turn single (8).

*I find it's best to do this by moving one place, making a mental note of this spot as you pass through it, then circling confidently on, once round, to reach this new spot again. Far easier than setting off, then trying to remember where you began, and then attempting to add another place to where you think that might have been.

Music: this dance, like many of my others, was inspired by (and written to fit) a Rodney Miller tune and/or recording. In the case of "Genial Gill", his tune is "Sandpoint" recorded by his band "Airdance" on their CD "Flying on Home" (GMM2016). It's a must-buy!

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