Back in the Groove

(CW761)  (13 DEC '06)

4-Couple Square Set, couples numbered clockwise.    Men progress clockwise.


Head couples lead in and take two hands with partner, WHILE side couples gypsy left-shoulders with partner, halfway, to face in with inside hands joined.


Side couples meet, arching over the head couples who poussette out, ladies reversing, to the sides.


Original side couples poussette out, men reversing, to head places and two-hand turn three-quarters, WHILE original head couples two-hand turn once-and-a-quarter in side places.
[Couples have moved a quarter counterclockwise around the set, and are improper.]


Joining hands, all circle left (five-eighths) till the men are home, each with original partner as their corner.


Men cast out over their left shoulder as the ladies set to the centre and back, then current partners gypsy left-shoulders, halfway.


Men right-hand star once round, WHILE the ladies dance counterclockwise halfway around the set.


New partners left-hand turn halfway, then the ladies right-hand star halfway as the men do a wide turn single right.


All left-hand turn three-quarters and keep hands joined to face this one around the set for a…


Grand Chain, six changes starting left-hands (one waltz-step per change).
[Ladies are home; men have progressed one place left.]

Repeat three more times, side couples leading Rounds 2 and 3, head couples leading Round 4.



Partners back-to-back left shoulders, then corners gypsy right-shoulders once round, all flowing into…


All eight circle left once around.

Music: "Home to the Valley" as played by Rodney and Elvie Miller on their waltz CD "Spyglass" (Brimstone Corner Records, BCR002), Track 12. The sleeve notes describe it as "a lilting Swedish tune from musician and friend Eva Deivert". The name of the dance is a play on the tune title.

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